Virtual Clinic

Virtual Clinic

Remote consultations by video or telephone

Appointments: 020 7700 3227

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The virtual clinic allows consultations by video or telephone which may be suitable for some neurological problems. An initial virtual clinic appointment may be able to agree a management plan for your problem. It may make clear that certain investigations are necessary prior to a subsequent appointment. We can discuss whether any follow-up appointment can again be a virtual one or needs to be face to face especially if an neurological examination is needed. 

Follow-up appointments after an initial face to face appointment can also be done virtually in many cases. I am happy to discuss suitability and your preferences for any virtual clinic follow-up. 

Please feel free to discuss with my office if you are unsure whether the virtual clinic is suitable for your circumstances.

The virtual clinic is only available for those residing or staying in the UK, or previously seen by me in the UK. It cannot be used for new patients from abroad

The video sessions are conducted via Zoom and you will be sent a link to the Zoom consultation before the clinic starts.

The virtual clinic is routinely held on Tuesday mornings but ad hoc appointments are also possible. These appointments can be booked by email to or by telephone to 020 7700 3227.