Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Referrals to my clinic usually require a GP or other doctor's referral unless you are non-resident in the UK and have no registered doctor here.

My fees are in line with fees charged by his colleagues throughout London and the United Kingdom. His fees are for his consultations only. The clinic or hospital will bill separately for the costs of blood tests, scans and other tests that may be recommended.

Please remember that seeing a private doctor is a contract between you and that doctor. If you have private health insurance then they may reimburse you for whole or part of Dr Rose's consultation fees, but ultimately it is the patient who is responsible for all professional fees, including any shortfall.

I am is recognised by all the major insurance companies, however it is increasingly the case that some insurance companies have a limit to fees for consultations, and if so unfortunately the patient will be required to pay the shortfall.

I ceased being a 'fee assured' member of BUPA however I remain BUPA recognised. It simply means that BUPA have, for their own commercial reasons, declined to cover his fees in full despite them being in line with that of his fellow neurologists, and despite them covering colleagues' fees at a higher level. There will therefore be a shortfall payable by BUPA patients for the consultation fees. However BUPA cover for tests or investigations ordered by me remains unchanged and should normally be covered in full subject to the terms of your BUPA cover. Similar issues may apply to other insurance company capped fee schemes and you are advised to check this with your insurer.

For insured patients: where possible, the insurance company will be billed directly. Please make every effort to provide the correct insurance details and, if necessary, obtain authorisation prior to the appointment. Some insurance companies require proof of a GP or specialist's referral.

If you are non-resident in the UK please inform my office at the time of booking as fees may need to be paid in advance.

I encourage my patients to supply their NHS GP details so they may be copied into any correspondence. However if you do not wish your GP or other doctor to be informed of the consultation please inform me or my office.

If there are questions concerning the fees then this should be addressed prior to the consultation or before taking up treatment. This can be discussed both with your insurance company and with my team.


If you are unable to attend and would like to reschedule or cancel your appointment please inform us as soon as possible. Please note that there is a charge for late cancellations. The full consultation cost is due if the appointment is cancelled less than 12 hours before the appointment. Half of the appointment cost is charged if the appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment. If you are insured then please note that your insurers will not cover these charges.